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Acestea sunt pricipalele 12 sigili folosite de ninja pt a executa Jutsus


Porc Mistret













Doujutsu – Tehnicile Doujutsu sunt executate cu ochiul. Tehnicile Doujutsu sunt puter- nice deoarece pot citi tehnicile Genjutsu,Taijitsu si Ninjutsu si sa le invinga fara nici o miscare fizica. Din cauza dificultatii si puterii acestei tehnici , persoanele care executa Doujutsu sunt deobicei genii. Sharingan-ul este considerat o technica Doujutsu.


Hijutsu – Tehnicile Hijutsu sunt in special tehnici care pot fi executate doar de un anumit ninja,sau numai de ninja dintr-un anumit clan sau sat. Aceste tehnici au de-a face cu mostenirea sau infatisarea fizica a ninja-ului. De foarte multe ori, aceste tehnici sunt cel mai puternic sau favorit atac pe care il executa ninja-ul. Sunt foarte multe Hijutsu diferite in serie. Limitele bloodline sunt considerate tehnici Hijutsu.


Kinjutsu - Tehnicile Kinjutsu sunt considerate ilegale si proscrise de catre Kages. Tehnicile Kinjutsu sunt sunt extrem de puternice si pot cauza pagube enorme cand sunt folosite. Daca sunt stapanite de persoana gresita , un sat intreg poate fi intr-un mare pericol.


The Rasengan

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("Spiraling Sphere", Viz "Spiral Chakra Sphere") is a technique invented by Minato Namikaze after three years of development. It requires no hand seals to perform, instead relying entirely on the chakra control of the user. The Rasengan grinds into whatever it touches, causing major damage as well as significant internal injury.

The level of chakra control required is very high, and because of this the teaching of this jutsu is split into three steps. The first, emphasizing rotation, has the user learn to pop a water balloon by spinning the water inside in multiple directions with their chakra. The second step, emphasizing power, requires the same be done with a solid rubber ball, forcing the user to rely on denser amounts of chakra to permeate the air within and break it. The final step, emphasizing control, has the user form a complete Rasengan by combining what they learned in the previous two steps and making a ball shape shell around the spinning chakra to hold it in regular shape. A regular balloon is often used to train making the shell. Minato taught the Rasengan to his student Kakashi Hatake, and his former teacher Jiraiya who in turn teaches it to Naruto Uzumaki.

While most users of this jutsu are skilled enough to perform it with one hand, Naruto uses three or more hands with the aid of a shadow clone – one hand to supply chakra and the others to spin and shape it. The use of shadow clones was originally a workaround that allowed him to master this high-level technique successfully and in a very short amount of time. He continues to use them ever since, since shadow clones are almost effortless for him to create and allow him to lessen the concentration required.

The Rasengan was created as the ultimate example of chakra form manipulation. However, Minato had intended to combine it with nature manipulation, which proved to be as impossible as "looking left and right at the same time". Minato and Kakashi have both been unsuccessful in the attempt. In Part II, Naruto finally accomplishes the feat by using two shadow clones – one to manipulate form, one to manipulate nature – to infuse the Rasengan with his own wind-based chakra, and even goes on to create variants of the jutsu.


(千鳥, literally "One Thousand Birds") is an example of nature manipulation created by Kakashi Hatake after he failed to infuse his own nature manipulation with the Rasengan. The Chidori requires the user to channel a great deal of lightning-based chakra to their hand, so much so that the ordinarily invisible chakra becomes visible to the naked eye. Due to the high concentration of electricity the attack creates, it emits a sound that is reminiscent of chirping birds (hence the name). Once the attack is formed the user rushes at their opponent and thrusts their arm into a certain part of the body, such as the heart. While the technique is usually fatal to its target, the speed at which the user moves causes them to experience tunnel vision, leaving them open for attack. If the user possesses a Sharingan, however, they are able to take in more detail while moving, allowing them to avoid counterattacks.

The Chidori requires a great deal of control in order to be properly utilized; Kakashi, being the creator of the technique, has reached the peak of control over the ability. Because of this, Kakashi's version is referred to as the Lightning Blade (雷切, Raikiri?), a higher ranked form of the ability with which he was once able to split a bolt of lightning, according to Might Guy (hence the name). Due to the high levels of chakra required to form the technique, those able to perform it are limited to very few usages a day. Kakashi is only able to use his Lighting Blade four times a day in Part I. In Part II, while there is no indication his capacity has increased, he is seen collecting lightning-chakra to his hands multiple times, though they are never named as Chidori or the Lightning Blade. Kakashi teaches the Chidori to Sasuke Uchiha in Part I, who is only able to perform it twice a day under his own power. While his maximum number of usages in Part II has yet to be seen, he has used the fundamental behind the Chidori to create a number of lightning-based attacks.

Orochimaru's Cursed Seals

Orochimaru commonly uses cursed seals on his most powerful followers. To apply a cursed seal, Orochimaru needs to actually bite his intended target. Because he has sharp fangs and an extendable neck, this is a relatively simple task. The seal then appears somewhere on the target's body, and they subsequently lose consciousness. Sometime later, should they survive, they will awaken with the first level of the seal active and be enraged due to the seal's influence. The seals work by forcibly drawing chakra from the user's body, giving the user a chakra capacity beyond what they would normally be capable of, as well as increased physical performance as a result of the increased chakra capacity.

The seal has two different levels, and the types of transformations differ from seal to seal. When inactive, the seal is simply a black tattoo on the user's body. Orochimaru has a wide array of cursed seals, so the appearance of the seal will usually vary from user to user. Each seal always has three identical marks arranged in a circular pattern. When first activated, the marks on the seal glow and replicate, spreading over the user's body. This is known as the first level of the seal. The degree to which this occurs is dependent on the user, and the degree to which it spreads is proportionate to the overall effect it has. Normally, the wearer of the seal will also experience slight pains during the activation of this level. The second and final level of the seal causes the black marks to completely envelop the user. This is followed by an unnatural alteration of the user's body, with the only common features being yellow eyes with a black sclera. When in this level, the seal eats away at the user's personality, driving them to madness if used too long. It also takes quite a toll on their body, since they are being mutated by the seal. Aside from the first and second levels of the seal, skilled users of the seal are able to perform partial transformations in which the aforementioned mutation caused to the users body in the level two state can be used without completely altering the entire body. The power of the cursed seal can even synchronize with the user's regular body with extended use (as stated by Sasuke during his second fight with Naruto), increasing the power of his/her natural state.

Because the seals forcibly draw chakra from the user, they will often kill the user when first applied. Orochimaru has averaged a ten-percent success rate when applying these seals. Additionally, even if the user survives, their body will not be able to easily control the power of the seals given to them. To compensate for this, Orochimaru developed the Seishingan drug. The drug forces the user's body to become accustomed to the unnatural increase in power, but also kills the one who takes it. The sealing jutsu Four Black Fog Battle Formation (四黒霧陣, Shikokumujin?) and Black Sealing Method (封黒法印, Fūkoku Hōin?) are used to keep the drug from killing the user by placing them in a temporary death state. Though the Sound Four were the ones to perform the technique, it stands to reason that they weren't the ones that created it.

Orochimaru developed the cursed seals through experimentation on a prisoner named Jugo, whose body naturally produces an enzyme that triggers a state on which the cursed seal is based. The difference between Orochimaru's seals and the unrefined enzyme are the effect they have: while the cursed seal is controllable, the unrefined enzyme produces uncontrollable rage in those exposed to it, including Jugo himself, and the effects cannot be controlled.[3]

One of the more recurring of the cursed seals used by Orochimaru is the Cursed Seal of Heaven (天の呪印, Ten no Juin?), which consists of three tomoe, similar to the Sharingan, and spreads over the user's body like flames when activated. It's counterpart, the Cursed Seal of Earth (地の呪印, Chi no Juin?), consists of three slightly curved lines, which spread in a square pattern. Each member of the Sound Four uses a unique cursed seal. Their seals, however, are not as powerful as the Heaven and Earth seals, although they have similar end results. Mizuki was shown to have received a mark similar to a cursed seal in the anime. This was not a cursed seal, however, but actually a blueprint to one of Orochimaru's forbidden experiments.


Genjutsu (幻術, Genjutsu? "Illusion Techniques") are techniques that use the chakra in the victim's nervous system to create illusions; basically an advanced intellectual ninjutsu. Those with special abilities like the Uchiha clan's Sharingan or those with high intelligence have an easier time executing and countering genjutsu, as attention to detail is key. The most commonly seen genjutsu is the simple creation of phantasms – causing the targeted person(s) to hear, see, smell, taste and/or feel sensations that are not actually there in order to manipulate them. In other words, genjutsu affects the five senses, though other applications of genjutsu exist. Those under the influence of genjutsu either freeze in place or lose consciousness, depending on how capable they are in recognizing and defending against it.

There are several ways to counter genjutsu. Because it uses the victim's own chakra against them, the target can cancel the genjutsu by disrupting their own chakra flow. This is called Genjutsu Cancel (幻術解, Genjutsu Kai?). Alternatively, should they fail to cancel the genjutsu, intense pain (though not that caused by the genjutsu) can snap them out of it. Finally, someone else can disrupt their chakra flow for them through physical contact.


The Byakugan (白眼, Byakugan? literally "White Eye," English manga "Evil Eye") is an eye technique (瞳術, dōjutsu?) that naturally occurs in members of the Hyuga clan. Byakugan users are characterized by their lavender, pupil-less eyes. When the Byakugan is activated, their pupils somewhat appear and the veins near their temples bulge. Possessors of the Byakugan are also capable of using the Gentle Fist style of combat.

A person with the Byakugan has a nearly 360 degree field of vision, except for a small blind spot at the back of the neck above the third vertibre. Byakugan users can detect anything around them within a 50-meter radius, making them close-range combat experts. Neji Hyuga manages to increase the radius to over 800 meters during the timeskip. The Byakugan also gives the user the ability to see through basically any matter over extremely long distances. A small degree of telescopic vision is also present, as a Byakugan user can focus on a single object at any point within their range of vision. The degree of focus seems to be dependent on the skill of the user. The Byakugan's insight capacity makes it useful for searching, tracking, and identifying targets.

Protection of the Byakugan ability is very important to the Hyuga clan, and has led to the development of an elaborate family hierarchy. Members of the lesser branch house are branded with a cursed seal on their forehead at a young age. Whenever a branch house member dies, the cursed seal will seal the Byakugan ability so that enemies will not be able to discover its secrets. Its secondary purpose is to control the branch house, since it can be activated at will by a main house member with a hand seal that only they know about. It works by destroying the wearer's brain cells.


Taijutsu (体術, Taijutsu? "Body Techniques" or "hand-to-hand combat") refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities in general. In other words, taijutsu is executed by accessing the user's stamina directly, rather than converting the user's stamina to chakra in order to execute a ninjutsu or genjutsu technique, meaning that taijutsu is much quicker to execute than (though not always as powerful as) ninjutsu or genjutsu. In some cases, chakra is used to enhance the techniques, particularly in the Hyuga clan's Gentle Fist style, and in the case of Tsunade and Sakura, who combine chakra into their attacks to cause great damage. Generally speaking, however, most taijutsu users rarely use chakra in their attacks.


Ninjutsu (忍術, Ninjutsu? "Ninja Techniques") is a vague term referring to almost any technique that uses chakra and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. The earliest forms of ninjutsu are said to have been created by the first owner of the Rinnegan. Unlike genjutsu, which makes the opponent see illusions, the effects of ninjutsu are quite real. Ninjutsu relies on chakra and, most of the time, hand seals (each hand seal showing a different animal in the Chinese zodiac) to be effective. The hands are put in sequential positions that mold chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu. This is not always consistent, however, and some of the simpler jutsu seem to become second nature to experienced ninja, after which they can perform them at will. Additionally, some ninjutsu can be classified as an elemental jutsu, in those cases where a specific element (earth, fire, lightning, water, wind) is used. In the English dub, the phrase "Ninja Art" is occasionally added to the beginning of the jutsu.

The Mind Body Switch Technique

The Mind Body Switch Technique (心転身の術, Shintenshin no Jutsu?, Viz "Art of the Valentine", English TV "Mind Transfer Jutsu") is the signature ability of the Yamanaka clan. With it, the user sends their mind into a target's body (human or animal), supplanting the target's mind with their own. Though normally used as a spying jutsu, it can also be used in battle with several major drawbacks. First, the user's spirit travels slowly, making it easy to dodge. If the user misses their target, they are left helpless until their spirit returns to their body, which takes several minutes. Second, even if the technique does work, the user's ability to stay in an enemy's body is determined by how fatigued they are. The user can be forced out if facing a strong enough will, are too tired, or if the target is in incredible pain. Finally, any damage the user suffers while possessing another is transferred to their original body. Therefore, if the target dies, so does the user.

Once the Mind Body Switch Technique has been mastered, a Yamanaka is entitled to learn the Mind Body Disturbance Technique (心乱身の術, Shinranshin no Jutsu?). Rather than transfer the user's consciousness to another's body, this jutsu sends a spirit of confusion into a target, causing them to attack their allies. Although the target is aware of what they are doing, they are unable to stop themselves. For this particular jutsu, the user is able to stay in their own body, unlike its predecessor; however, the user must maintain the hand seal used to activate it.

Cursed Seal jutsu

Cursed Seal jutsu "cursed seal techniques" or "Technique of the Accursed Mark") are jutsu that use a special 'cursed seal' to put someone under the control of the user or elicit an unnatural effect in the one they are placed on. They can be used to cause either pain (including death if the pain is large enough) or invoking various mutations in the recipient.

The Dead Demon Consuming Seal

The Dead Demon Consuming Seal (屍鬼封尽, Shiki Fūjin?, English "Reaper Death Seal") is a seal created by the Fourth Hokage that invokes the powers of the death god (shinigami, simply dubbed the "reaper" in the English version). Once called upon, the death god hovers behind the user and remains invisible to the opponent until it has grasped their soul. Once summoned, the death god reaches its arm into the summoner, signifying the hold it has upon their soul. After the sealing is completed the death god consumes the user's soul almost immediately, killing them. Once a soul has been eaten by the death god it resides within the god's stomach, destined to do battle with its fellow souls for all eternity.

Unlike many of the other seals used throughout the series, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal has served different purposes for each of its uses. When first used by the Fourth, it sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within Naruto Uzumaki. Once the fox was sealed within Naruto, the Fourth used a Four Symbols Seal (四象封印, Shishō Fūin?, English TV "Double Tetragram Seal") and the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style (八卦の封印式, Hakke no Fūin Shiki?, English TV "Eight Signed Seal") so that the demon fox's chakra could mix with Naruto's. When later used by the Third Hokage's shadow clones, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal sealed the souls of the First and Second Hokage within the clones' bodies. In this instance, the death god consumed the Hokage's souls in addition to the souls of the clones, suggesting that it consumes whatever souls are present within the user's body. When the actual Third Hokage uses the seal, it sealed Orochimaru's arms, preventing their use.


The Mokuton (木遁, Mokuton literally "Wood Release") jutsu are techniques that combine earth and water-based chakra to create plants, specifically trees of varying size and shape. Mokuton techniques can be produced from anywhere, including the user's body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life. The First Hokage was the originator of this ability, evidenced by the fact that none of his relatives have been shown capable of using Mokuton. The First's ability to use Mokuton was the reason for his being given the title of Hokage, and with his abilities he was able to grow the trees that served as the foundation of Konohagakure. After the Firsts' death, Yamato is injected with the First's DNA in an attempt to replicate the ability. Yamato survives the experiment and is the only known living user of Mokuton.

Because Yamato is the only current owner of the Mokuton ability, many of its associated jutsu have been exclusively used by him. With the Wood Clone Technique (木分身の術, Moku Bunshin no Jutsu), Yamato can create a copy of himself made of wood to carry out tasks he is unable to do at the moment. He can also perform Wood Locking Wall (木錠壁, Moku Jōheki) to create a half-dome used either to block attacks or capture others. A possibly unrelated technique, but unique to the First and Yamato, is the ability to suppress a tailed beast's influence over its host. This is done by producing wooden dragons from the ground that attach to the host and force the tailed beast's chakra to recede. The First Hokage's crystal necklace aids in this technique's execution, but its exact role is unclear.

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